Les origines

Our products are all
natural and made
of local Moroccan ingredients.

Since the beginning of time, Morocco has been marked by a succession of civilizations that have influenced its history, its people and its environment. All of these influences have contributed to making it abound with plant genetic resources.

The cultural diversity passed down from one generation to the next, and the great wealth in biodiversity reflected by the many ecological ecosystems have showcased Morocco as the country of local products par excellence, including many endemic varieties.

It is this incredible wealth that inspired Chahva to create a complete, natural cosmetic products line that is respectful of the environment and mankind.

The Argan tree,
the tree of life

The Argania Spinosa, an endemic tree from the Moroccan Souss region has very long-standing origins and is also known as the “Tree of life” by the Berbers due to the use of each of its parts.

Its fruit contains one to three kernels from which an oil, which Berber women have always used as an elixir of everlasting beauty to protect their skin and hair, is extracted.

The harvesting and extraction techniques of the kernels, which are done by hand, have remained intact for centuries. Only the oil pressing techniques have been upgraded in order to meet international standards in terms of quality and hygiene.

Argan Oil by Chavha, which serves as a basis for many of our cosmetic products, is from organic farming.

Les origines
Les origines

Prickly pears,
a source of multiple benefits

Prickly pears are widespread in Morocco, but the best plantations are especially located in the Atlantic coasts of the Souss region.

Given their adaptability to extreme conditions, prickly pears have developed exceptional properties. Many products are developed from this fruit, particularly oil extracted from its cold pressed seeds.

It should be noted that one ton of prickly pears are needed to extract one liter of oil, which is why it is such a rare and precious product.

Designed by Emmanuel Roig