Les origines

Chavha, the voluptuous
encounter between nature
and sophistication.

CHAVHA, "Beautiful" in Berber, was born out of a quest for the origins of local Moroccan products.

This quest led us to meet men and women who possess a unique and ancestral know-how together with the highest of expectations. They endeavor to plant, harvest and process whilst preserving the properties of the plants and their fruit, to provide you with natural products with exceptional properties.

Our pure and 100% natural Argan oil serves as a base for many of our products is environmentally responsible and is derived from organic farming.

Chahva is the fruit of an intense and impassioned work born from our French-Moroccan partnership, and today, we are proud to offer you a voluptuous encounter between nature and sophistication showcased by a range of high-end products.

Designed by Emmanuel Roig